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onal Defens▓e has dismissed an Australian media report claimi▓ng that the Chinese Navy challenged Australia in the South China Sea as "not in acc▓ordance with facts".The Australian

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Broadcasting Corp cited anonymous defense officials in a report on Friday as saying that China "challenged" three▓ Australian warships in the South China Se▓a, the As

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sociated Press reported.In response, the Chinese ministry confirmed in a Friday afternoon statement that naval vessels of China and Australia "had an encounter"

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on April 15 in the waters of ▓the South China Sea.The Chinese vessels used▓ professional language in their contact with Australian naval forces, ▓and their operatio

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n news reports of naval ▓challeng

ns were legitimate, regula▓ted, professional and safe, the ministry said without elaborating on ▓the exact numbers of the nava

e rebuttedAustralian news repo

l vessels fr▓om either side."The relevant repor▓t made by Australian media is not in acco▓rdance

rts of naval challenge rebuttedA

with facts," the ministry said.Also on Friday, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the Australian

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navy ha▓s a "perfect right" to traverse ▓the South China Sea, the AP reported▓.When asked about Turnbull's comment, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said China always respects and safeguards the freedom of navigation and overflights enjoyed by all countries in the South China Sea in line with international laws.If Australia has hidden intentions or indications in this r▓egard, it is hoped the country would face up to the stable and goo

d momentum in the Sou▓th China Sea region's situation, work with China and other countries in the sea to ma▓intain its peace and stability and▓ inject positive energy into the region, Hua said.A Beijing-based military expert with ti▓es to the People's Liberation Army said Australia is only an out▓sider in the South China Sea region, and it should remain highly prud

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